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International students

Useful info -

International students

A guide for international students

We know that finding a student house as an international student can be a difficult process, so we’ve written a guide to answer the questions often asked specifically by international students. Please see our Prospective Tenants page for more general information on finding a house with us.

Student accommodation guarantor

Struggling to find a guarantor?

In order to secure a student property with us, you will need to provide details of a UK based guarantor who is over 25 years of age and who is not a student. For many overseas students, this isn’t a simple task, but there are options available for you.

Option 1:

Different payment options

There are different payment options available for international students who are unable to provide a UK based guarantor.

1. 1 x 12 months on 1st May

2. 2 x 6 Monthly payments on 1st April
& 1st October

3. 3 x 4 Monthly payments on 1st April,
1st July, and 1st October

These payments must be made by bank transfer or direct debit by the dates listed. In this scenario, we would still need the signature of a parent or next of kin for our records.

If you have any further questions, or if neither option is suitable for you, please contact our team to discuss further options.

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Option 2:

Your Guarantor

If you are not able to pay your rent in advance, please consider using the YourGuarantor scheme (for University of Kent Students only). Here is the link:

There is a slight charge for their service.

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