Your guide on how to rent as a student

Navigating the world of student lettings is tricky, especially if you’re in your first year. On the Student Places website you’ll find a wealth of information, but to make it easier for you, we’ve repackaged all of our best advice in this handy guide. 

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What are the best student areas to live in Kent?

Since the University of Kent (UKC) and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) have campuses in Medway as well as in and around Canterbury, your best bet would be to live within these areas. This covers A LOT of ground however, so bear with us while we run through your options. 


Best student areas in Canterbury

If you’ve ever been to Canterbury, you may know there are parts of a university campus dotted all over the city. Really, everywhere you turn there’s at least something associated with a uni – whether it’s a seminar room, student union or a branch of Subway sandwich.  

At the top of the Whitstable Road is the main UKC campus so, as you’d imagine, the area around here is a prime student stomping ground. The student houses in St Stephens Canterbury tend to get snapped up quickly. Not only do these properties tend to be on the large side, they’re also close to the UKC campus AND the city centre – roughly a ten minute walk in either direction to each. If city centre living is more your speed, St Dunstan’s in Canterbury is great for students

Also, the student lettings in Northgate, Canterbury are a great option, especially if you go to either CCCU or the University of Creative Arts, which are each between a 5-15 minute walk, depending on where you live (and how late you are to your morning lecture). Closer still is the student mecca of Wincheap in Canterbury, which is a few minutes from both Canterbury East Station and the CCCU library at Augustine’s house.

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Best student areas in Medway

There are loads of great options for affordable student accommodation in Medway that are close to the UKC and CCCU campuses in the area, as well as the region’s very own UCA and the University of Greenwich. 

Your best bet would be to stay close to Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham which are the closest towns to these higher learning institutions, and so have the most properties for student lets. And whether it’s shared student houses or private flats that you’re after, Student Places can help. We have loads of options all over Medway. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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How does an international student rent an apartment or house?

For international students, the rental process is pretty much the same – except you’ll need to arrange for a guarantor to co-sign your lease. Your guarantor must be UK-based, over the age of 25 and not a student. 

If finding a guarantor who fits the bill is tricky, you have other options. You can either set up a payment plan for your rent or use YourGuarator to arrange for a UK-based guarantor willing to cosign your lease for a fee. 

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How to find housemates for your student let? 

Finding the right kind of housemate for your student home can be tricky and your friends – as much as you may like them – may not be the perfect candidates. After all, when was the last time you included “clean, quiet and unlikely to steal your ice cream” as desired qualities in a friend? 

However, nowadays there are loads of ways you can scope out budding housemates. Your first port of call should be right here on the Student Places website. Register your interest with us and we’ll let you know if there are any spare rooms available in our house-shares. 

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More advice for students

Student Places has a wealth of tips and tricks for students on our website. From how to study at home and your kitchen cupboard essentials, to the best part time jobs for students and how to budget effectively, we’ve loads of articles which will help you to navigate the world of student lettings. 

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Recap: your essential guide to student lettings

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