Why students should study in Canterbury?

Canterbury is famous for its local history, picturesque streets and independent shops. If you’re a student in Canterbury, you wont be getting bored, this small city is made for students. Here are all the reasons why a student should study in Canterbury.

No. 1
Visit the Cathedral ?

​The cathedral sits right in the centre of Canterbury and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site welcoming over one million visitors per year- making it a must-see. The city is overflowing with a rich history, generally, you can’t walk to your corner shop without stepping past something of historical significance.
No. 2
Canterbury Tales Tour ?
​Another one for the history lovers! Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales are brought to life in an animated tour led by costumed guides. A great way to learn about Canterbury’s colourful history.

No. 3
Explore the Town Centre ?

This cute and lively town is home to a bunch of independent retailers, eateries and go‑to student pubs. Also, local businesses have cottoned on to the fact that there are so many of you, which is why most offer student discounts.

No. 4
Take a stroll down Westgate Gardens ?

​Known for its endless Instagram photo opportunities, this gem is located in the heart of Canterbury. The pictures speak for themselves.

No. 5
Watch a Show ​?

​The Marlowe Theatre offers a variety of different shows and musicals to watch. Check out what is on and go with your mates!

No. 6
Escape Rooms ?

​With a choice of 3 different rooms within Canterbury’s Westgate Towers an exciting escape room experience comes to life. Go check it out!

No. 7
Visit the Skinny Kitchen ?

​With only three in the world, the Skinny Kitchen is a must-visit. The Skinny Kitchen focuses on creative, clean and healthy food to suit many diets bringing a taste of Ibiza to Canterbury and a great spot for bottomless brunch!

No. 8
Enjoy the Nightlife?

​Canterbury has great pubs and clubs for those interested. Whether you’re after a trendy cocktail bar or a boozy night on the dance floor, there’s something for everyone.

No. 9
Great Student Properties!

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