Starting uni this year? Here is what you should know.

Dipping your toe into the world of higher learning is pretty daunting. But fear not, on the Student Places website, you’ll find loads of information – from what will happen in your first year of uni to how to get your letting deposit back for your student home when you leave. To make everything a whole lot easier for you, we’ve repackaged all of our best student advice in this handy guide.

How to rent as a student 

What will happen in my first year of Uni (and where will I live next year)?

Your first year of higher education will be quite a ride. From meeting new people (spoiler: there’ll be a lot of them) and getting to grips with your library’s Dewey Decimal system, you probably won’t spare a thought for next year’s accommodation. After all, most first-year students live in Halls of Residence and next year can wait til next year, right? 

Actually, the best time to start your search for next year’s digs is between January and March of your first year. Although the property stock isn’t released until April at the earliest, it’s always a good idea to get a feel for areas and work out who you’re going to live with before your hunt begins.


How much is everything going to cost?

Tuition fees, rent, bills… it all adds up. If you’re not careful, your expenditure can spiral so it (literally) pays to get a handle on how much everything is going to cost. Luckily, we’ve created two guides: the costs of student accommodation and a guide to student fees and charges – each designed to help you to budget effectively. 

If your savings and your student loan are buckling under the weight of all this, it might be time to get a part-time job. From casual work to a regular evening and weekend gig, Canterbury and Medway are full of employment options for students so dust off that CV and practice your winning smile. 


Where’s good to move to for students in Kent?

With higher learning institutions dotted all over Canterbury and the Medway towns, these areas have their share of property stock aimed exclusively at students. In either location, it’ll come as no surprise that the best areas to live for students are all within walking distance of the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church campuses. Wincheap, St Dunstan’s, Northgate, and St Stephen’s are your best bet in Canterbury, while Chatham and Gillingham should be at the top of your list in 


What should I look for in a new student home?

Sure, it’s important to make your student room homely, but bear in mind that next year’s house share won’t be like living in halls of residence. You’ll have your own room, sure, but there’ll also be communal areas you’ll be using. Before you begin your search for next year’s accommodation, read our guide to what to look for in a student house and what to ask during a viewing.


What to know about starting university this year. 

  • Your first year at university will be busy, but don’t forget to set aside time in March/April to begin your house search for next year. 
  • The cost of student accommodation, not to mention the fees and charges that come with renting, can set you back a few bob. Keep to a budget and if you’re really struggling financially, there are plenty of part time jobs for students in Canterbury and Medway. 
  • There are loads of great student areas to live in Canterbury and Medway. Wincheap, St Dunstan’s, Northgate and St Stephen’s are your best bet in Canterbury. In Medway, head to Chatham and Gillingham. 
  • Brush up on the questions to ask during a house viewing, and what to look for in accommodation before you begin your search for next year’s digs. 

For more advice on finding your new student home, get in touch with Student Places today. 

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