Preparing for move-in day

student moving in day

We know that lots of parents like to help with the move-in process. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about your son or daughter’s new home. All of this information can also be found in the Housing Handbook or in the Student section of our website.

Move-in day

There is a full handover of the property to the first student moving into the house. This includes a walk around the house to check the condition of the property and the furniture provided. At this point, any faults will be marked on the inventory and any maintenance required will be reported and dealt with as soon as possible. The students will then have an extra 48 hours after this handover to make any amendments to the inventory.


All of our student properties come fully furnished. As a minimum, each bedroom will have a bed and desk plus wardrobe and chest of drawers; in the lounge there will be a lounge suite and usually a dining table and chairs. The kitchen will be equipped with white goods, including a microwave.


Keys can be signed for individually, or can be given to the first student to move into the house. We ask that students don’t give their keys to anybody else for security reasons.


We ask our tenants to keep noise levels down to be considerate of their neighbours, who may not be students. If we receive repeated noise complaints regarding a student house, we have no choice but to report the students involved to their university.


We endeavour to respond to all maintenance issues as quickly as possible. In non-emergency cases, we will give the tenants 24 hours’ notice before the maintenance team visit unless the tenants have reported an issue and the maintenance team are nearby. We are usually able to deal with maintenance matters without calling on an external contractor, but in the case that we do, we will keep tenants updated as best as we can.

Further queries

We are always happy to help parents and guarantors with any questions they have about the process of securing a student house. You can call us, email us or drop in to our Canterbury office and we will do our best to answer all your queries.

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