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How to find housemates at university

It can be tricky to find suitable housemates for your student housing. Your friends – as much as you may like them – may not make the perfect housemates. So, if you’re an individual looking for like-minded people to share with, where do you start?  

Whether you’re in the process of deciding who to live with in the second year of university – or if you just fancy a move, Student Places is here to help. So, how do you find housemates at University? Well, it all starts with…

Register with Student Places

Before you try anything else, you should give us a call and let us help you, or you could check out our social media links to see if there are any single rooms available in our properties. You never know, we might have the perfect room, in the ideal property that’ll suit you down to the ground. At Student Places we have houses designated to houseshares for individual students struggling to find housemates. Why not click the button to see our available house share properties:

Of course, if you’d feel more comfortable hand-picking your housemates ahead of time, there are numerous ways for you to get in touch with other students, who are exactly in your position. You could do this by:

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to find potential housemates. You can follow your University page and reach out to people on your course and look into connecting with others in student groups on Facebook.

Head Over to Online Forums

Forums, such as The Student Room or even on your university’s own website can be a valuable resource when you’re looking for new housemates. As with Facebook, you can create a post or jump onto a thread and get chatting to other students in your area.

Put Out Some Feelers… ?‍

Probably one of the easiest ways to look is by asking around. Ask your friends, their friends, people on your course or in your society. Make it known that you’re looking for housemates. Bear in mind, a good housemate doesn’t have to be your best friend – in fact, it might be less complicated if they’re not. All that matters is that they’re relatively clean and courteous, and won’t bring half the pub home for post-drinks, hours after you’ve gone to bed. 

students talking about future housemates

Ask at your University ?

Remember, your University is there to help you feel settled. They understand all too well that their students are normally a long way from home. If you’re having trouble finding housemates for next year, ask their advice. Go to the annual housing fair as this is a great way to find potential housemates or landlords.