What will happen in your first year of uni?

Moving to university for the first time is full of unknowns. After all, this may be your first time away from home, and with no friends, no familiar haunts and a whole higher learning course to get to grips with… it’s only natural to feel jittery about it. To help you prepare yourself, we’ve compiled a list of what to expect in the year ahead. 

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What to expect at university during your first term?


Your first term at university will be over before you know it. Ask any former student and they’ll tell you: it passes by in a blur of new faces, nights out and hours spent navigating your university campus. To give you an idea of the sort of things that happen in you first term, we’ve pulled together some Michaelmas rites of passage: 

You’ll go to the freshers’ fair

Within your first few weeks, your university will hold a freshers’ fair which is a golden opportunity to score some free swag and join any groups and societies that you fancy (more on this later). 

A freshers’ fair is also a great opportunity to meet other students, both old and new, and find out more about what your local area has to offer, including the options for next year’s accommodation (it’s never too early to get a head-start). 

You’ll join a club or society (and never go)

Joining your university’s dedicated club or society for something you’re only casually interested in is a must for any fresher. More than half of new students join at least one of them (although 11% admit to dropping out soon after).  

It’s not just run-of-the-mill sports clubs we’re talking about either; from adventure gaming to Yoga, the University of Kent in particular has something for everyone. There’s even a Harry Potter society!

You’ll get lost on your way to a lecture

University campuses are huge! To make matters worse, they sometimes comprise multiple locations both in and around your city. Canterbury Christ Church, for instance, has lecture theatres dotted all over Canterbury. Its library and associated seminar rooms, Augustine House, is a good 15-minute walk from the main campus in North Holmes Road.

So, chances are you’ll get lost on your way to your first Literary Theory class but don’t fear this, embrace it. Getting lost can be a great bonding experience for your cohort, because chances are you’re not the only one struggling to find AH2.23 (Augustine House, second floor, room 23 fyi).


How to get along with housemates in the first year


Moving into your new student home whether that’s off campus or in Halls of Residence – can be the scariest thing of all, but you’ve nothing to worry about. In fact, in a recent study more than half of students found living away from home easier than they expected. 

Remember, most of the people you meet this year will be in exactly the same situation as you so don’t be afraid to knock on your housemate’s door for a brew and a chat. In the case of difficult housemates (because there’ll always be some you don’t quite gel with) remember, you don’t have to live with them forever. 

If you’re really worried, most universities have a dedicated Facebook group for your year. Renting privately? Student Places can introduce you to other prospective students who are looking for housemates


At a glance: what will happen in your first year of uni?


  • You’ll meet loads of new people whether it’s in your accommodation, at freshers’ fairs or via all those clubs and societies you’ve joined, your WhatsApp is about to get pretty busy. 
  • You’ll get lost, multiple times embrace the unknown and don’t be afraid of getting lost on the way to lectures in your first few weeks. Maybe give yourself plenty of time between classes to keep in your tutor’s good books. 
  • You’ll hate one of your new housemates but don’t worry! It’s not forever. Get in touch with Student Places for help with finding a house and/or housemates for next year. 


What do students remember most from their first year?


“My first year at uni was amazing! Moving away from home was honestly the scariest thing I’ve ever done but since everyone else is in the same boat, it made it easier. I’m still best friends with the people I met on my very first day. We even live together now! ” Anna, 20. 

“I can barely remember my first year but from what I hear, it was a good one :)” Craig, 21


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