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Which questions should I ask during a viewing?

Student accommodation viewings are essential to find the right home for the year ahead. Not only are they a good excuse to have a nose around the property and local area, viewings let you ask your letting agent, and perhaps even the current tenant, questions about the place.  So, what should be at the top … Continued

How to get your student deposit back in full

Hands up who’s ever had a sleepless night worrying about when, and if, you’ll get back the deposit you paid for your home? 🙋‍♀️ Making sure you get your deposit back is easy-peasy. In fact, last year 99% of our tenants received theirs back in full. Follow this checklist and we’ll pay every penny back … Continued

Your guide to fees and charges: what to pay and when?

Good news: Student Places won’t charge you a penny in fees when you move into your new home 🎉 Any costs that are incurred from managing your tenancy are handled by your landlord but there are some things you may have to fork out for along the way. To help you to budget effectively, we’ve … Continued

What to look for when renting a student house?

When you’re on the hunt for next year’s accommodation, it can be tricky to know where to centre your search: are two bathrooms more important than room size? And what does “bijou living room” actually mean? With that in mind, we’ve created this guide on what to look for when renting a student house. Whether … Continued

chatham dockyard

Your guide to student accommodation in Medway

Why Medway is great for students   1) It’s close to London Wherever you’re based in Medway, there’s usually a direct train into London which takes under an hour. So, no matter if you’re in Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester, Rainham, or Strood, you’re always a single train journey away from the capital. For somewhere so close … Continued

Your guide to student accommodation in Canterbury

Three reasons why Canterbury is great for students   1) It’s full of history In Canterbury, you can’t walk to your corner shop without stepping past something of historical significance. From blue plaques to UNESCO world heritage sites, the city is teeming with a rich history that’ll inform and inspire every student, whether you’re working … Continued

Student tips for self-isolating

Whether you’re at home with your folks or have opted to stick at your student accommodation, the new measures introduced for the nationwide lockdown can be hard to manage. What kind of outdoor exercise is allowed? Do pot noodles constitute essential food? As always, we’re here to help you through the tricky bits. Although our … Continued

Why move to… Wincheap, Canterbury

Why move to… Wincheap, Canterbury The suburb of Wincheap lies south west of Canterbury’s city centre. Either from the Saxon Wenchiape or Old English Waegnceap, the area ambiguously takes its name from the stretch of A28 that connects Canterbury and Ashford. Wincheap has long been popular with students because of its affordable student housing, proximity … Continued

cost of student accommodation

Costs of student accommodation – what to budget for?

Living off-campus is very different to living in halls. While you may be used to having all of your bills included in your rent, off-campus accommodation usually means sorting your own utilities. So, what costs are involved with renting student accommodation? We crunch the numbers… How much is student housing? Student housing in Canterbury will … Continued

how to find uni flatmates

How to find Uni flatmates?

It can be tricky to find suitable housemates for your student housing. Your friends – as much as you may like them – may not make the perfect housemates. So, if you’re an individual looking for like-minded people to share with, where do you start?   Whether you’re in the process of deciding who to live … Continued

when to start looking for student accommodation

When to start looking for student accommodation?

Ahhh… the eternal question: when should you begin your search for next year’s student accommodation? Start your hunt too soon and it’ll be slim pickins – likewise, if you leave it too late. When it comes to finding your perfect student housing, timing is everything, which is why we’ve created a useful timeline to help … Continued

Why move to st dustans canterbury

Why move to… St Dunstan’s, Canterbury

Why move to… St Dunstan’s, Canterbury Beloved by Canterbury locals, St Dunstan’s is a small enclave located to the west of Canterbury. Lined with independent shops, bars and restaurants, there’s a safe community-feel to St Dunstan’s. The magnificent Westgate Towers and River Stour create a natural barrier from the buzzing high street, making this area seem like a welcome retreat from … Continued