Top Tips for New Students

Moving into a new house is a nerve-wracking experience for everybody, especially students who might never have lived alone before. Here are our top tips for students.


Start house hunting early


As the saying goes: the early bird catches the worm, and this is especially true when it comes to student housing. Although we’ll try our best to help you find your perfect house whatever time of year it is, you might struggle if you don’t start searching before the Christmas holidays. Even if you aren’t fussy about what sort of house you live in, it’s still good to start looking early so you can get the stress out of the way and focus on your studies later in the year. In the same vein, it’s often a good idea to sort out bills as soon as you can too.

Know what to look for


If you’ve never viewed a house before, you might find our House Hunting Checklist useful. Although a house might seem nice at first glance, you should always check for underlying issues such as mould and a lack of fire safety equipment before signing on. Also, make sure you know your priorities; you probably won’t find a cheap house that’s close to university and also in perfect condition, so you need to decide which factors are more important.

Choose a good group to live with


Most students choose a group of 2-8 other people to live with rather than searching for individual rooms, and choosing this group well can prevent arguments later on. While it’s normal for some people to be a little more organised than others, try to make sure you won’t be driven up the wall by unhygienic housemates or struggling to wake up for lectures because you live with a bunch of party animals.

Organise communal items before moving in


Although most students bring their own dishes and basic cutlery, it can save money and storage space to share other kitchen utensils that aren’t used so frequently. You probably only need one blender and one set of scales, for example, and you probably don’t need several pots and pans each.

Don’t forget any of the essentials


Most smaller items can be bought at the local shops if you forget them, but there are some things that you probably don’t want to be caught without. Make sure you don’t forget bedding, phone/laptop chargers and important documents like photographic ID and NHS details.

Check out what your insurance covers


We provide an individual contents insurance policy for each student from Endsleigh Insurance, but you should still read the small print of your policy to see what is and isn’t covered. You don’t want to make a claim only to receive a nasty shock when you find your coverage isn’t what you thought it was.

Clean your house throughout the year


When the time comes to move out, you’ll probably be tired from exams and ready to start your holidays. The last thing you’ll want is to have to clean a year’s worth of grime. You’ll find that cleaning is much easier if you just do a little bit every week, check out your Housing Handbook when you move in for a recommended cleaning rota and tips on how to properly clean all parts of your house.