We always love to hear from our former tenants, here is what some of them had to say:


"I enjoyed my time at 7 Westerham Close for various reasons: It is very well situated; no need to hop in a bus to get to campus but you are there within a 20-minute walk… The neighbourhood is calm and there isn’t any street noise… In a nutshell, that house is ideal too for studious hours.”


“The rent was affordable, and I’m very glad we chose to rent with them. When it came to the end of the tenancy return of the deposit was handled quickly and professionally without any trouble. I would highly recommend them to any students looking for somewhere to rent.”


“I stayed in a well-furnished, cosy house in a decent neighbourhood. The landlord was always easy to contact and quick to take care of any minor problems that arose. Perfect student house.”


“I lived in an EHG/[StudentPlaces.com] property in Canterbury for 2 years (2007-2009). The house was in excellent, clean condition. Any faults or difficulties were dealt with very promptly and in a friendly fashion. Stephen Dean was always available and went out of his way to be helpful.”


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