Most students in Canterbury need student houses in Canterbury, especially after the first year when they may have stayed in halls of residence.

Did you know that there are around 28000 students in Canterbury alone? That's a decent chunk of the whole population of the historic city of Canterbury.

Student Houses In CanterburyMany students love the student life here and one thing that makes it all the better is staying in and renting a student house, preferably with some friends, so that study time and, (not forgetting), leisure time away from home is as enjoyable and productive as it can be.

Our team here at Student Places are dedicated to helping you find the most ideal student house for your budget, in the most ideal location for access to your campus, whether that be at the University of Kent or Christchurch. We also have student accommodation available in Medway/Gillingham.

Helping you find the right property for you and probably your friends is only part of how we help you though.

Find Student Houses By Using Our Experience

We fully understand from our own personal experience, (although a while ago), that the whole process of finding, looking at the details of a house, going to view different properties, working out your budget and all of the other issues involved can be pretty overwhelming at the best of times.

...everything you have to do to secure your student house is included in our guided process

So we've set out using our experience, not just as former uni students, but also as landlords for many years to streamline the whole process and make it as efficient as possible for you to go from "now I've got to find a student house to rent" to sitting in a comfy chair in a house you know you have secured for the duration of your studies.

That includes all of the nitty gritty legal stuff, that while not the most exciting thing, is essential to becoming a tenant. Fortunately for you we've done this many times and everything you have to do to secure your student house is included in our guided process that you can take advantage of to concentrate on the reason you are at Canterbury or Medway - your studies.

The first part of your mission is to get searching for that student place and on our website you will see a conspicuous looking search function on the left hand side.

With this you can set the area your campus is in, the number of rooms you need and your monthly rental budget. we can offer you free contents insurance

Click or tap on that search button and you'll be presented with all of our available properties, with an external shot of the house and a brief description. To see more, just click 'More information' or the picture of the house. And you'll get to see where the house is in the grand scheme of things under 'Property Location'. Also check out the shots of the inside of each property so you can get a feel for them before you view them for real.

Then give us a call on 01227 656210 or use our contact form you can find here so that we can guide you through the start of the process and chat about your requirements.

You'll find that we are a friendly bunch who will do all we can to help you get what you need. And we really do encourage anybody to try and let one of our houses as a group of friends, as you'll find that it spreads a number of regular tenancy responsibilities like bill paying and so on out between you.

Two more things, if we may:

Firstly, should you decide to become another of our happy tenants, we are always just a phone call away if you have any property related issues that need sorting out.

Secondly, we've teamed up with an insurance company so that now we can offer you free contents insurance for all those possessions you'll be bringing with you to your new home. So that's another thing you won't have to deal with.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our available student houses in Canterbury and Medway and call us on 01227 656210.